Handmade - A Scented Space - Soap Blends

Infused with the nutrient-rich botanical ingredients of Fireweed

Soap-making is a timeless art that requires patience and attention to detail and those who create soap are always eager to enhance their basic soap recipes with new scents and rich botanical ingredients. 

For me - always - it's Fireweed  Epilobium angustifolium

After ethically harvesting (wildcrafting) Fireweed during its peak growing time, a lengthy process of infusing Fireweed into a quality, cold-pressed carrier oil is done. This age-old method of soaking the plant material in oils (maceration) is used to extract the vitality, spirit and beneficial healing components of the plant.

Fireweed brings a unique quality to our handmade soap, as the phytonutrients found in this amazing plant compliment and enhance the other ingredients contained in our rich-lathering and skin-soothing formulas.

Our basic foundation for making soap that gently and thoroughly cleans the skin uses the simple ingredients of olive and coconut oils for their moisturizing and nutrient-rich properties. 

We then add the blends from our A Scented Space program to bring balance and harmony to your emotional state of being with the scents of these soaps.

We obtain our essential oils from companies within Canada who use strict guidelines for sourcing the purest quality of essential oils, so we can feel confident that our products are of high quality. 

We also follow all of the regulations within the Canadian Standards of Soap Making, as our soap products have their own Cosmetic License Numbers (CLN)

Fireweed - (Epilobium angustifolium)

Assists us with Shock and Trauma

The personality or Spirit of fireweed helps to calm and soothe any form of physical and/or emotional pain brought about by shock or trauma. Its grounding qualities help us anchor and connect to the earth, while guiding and aligning us with our inner peace and light. Fireweed enhances and strengthens our connection to higher realms and wisdom. 

Signature: grows profusely in burnt areas 

Chakra: Root, Heart, Crown 

Meridian: Heart 

Key Words: Love, Restoration, Fresh start, Passion 

Angels: Arch Angels Ariel and Raziel 

Challenges: Coldness, Uncaring, Inability to feel, Emotional wounds 

Affirmation: I am Loving and Loveable 

Fireweed, Epilobium angustifolium, is a perennial, herbaceous plant from the onagraceae, or evening primrose family and grows wild in remote, pristine locations on Vancouver Island. It is often found sheltered within its companion plants of blackberry brambles and stinging nettles.


This amazing plant mends the earth from the shock and trauma of forest fires and clear-cut logging. Its root system weaves together and anchors the soil so trees and other plants can grow, while the tender, young leaves feed the deer. 

It has sweet, ever-blooming flowers that provide nectar to the insects and bees, but even though its brilliant display of colour will draw your attention, this is a quiet, unassuming plant that grows in areas that are hard to access and its attracting, scented molecules go undetected by humans.

I resonate so deeply with this plant as I recognize in it, the quiet reflection of my own desire to bring comfort, ease and solace to those experiencing the sorrows of grief and loss.       

Trees - open and expand your airways - Lungs

When you need to feel Grounded, Anchored - yet - Flexible

Trees provide protection, strength, stability, safety, and courage as they assist you in adapting to new situations. You can feel in control by embracing the scents of the forest.

Citrus - warm and brighten your Solar Plexus

When you need to feel Calm, Centered & Focused

Citrus provides energy, vitality and joy that activates calm, serene and content sensations to help revitalize your energy. You can feel the harmonious dual action of citrus as it calms you down, and at the same time brightens your focus and attention.

Flowers - comfort and console your Heart

When you need to feel the Soothing Comfort of Unconditional Love

Flowers provide sanctuary, love, & support to help you relax and gather your strength to make clear and confident choices. You can feel relaxed, supported and inspired to nurture yourself when you surround yourself with the loving scent of flowers.

Herbs - nourish and sustain your Muscles and Tendons

When you need to feel Nourished, Balanced & Replenished

Herbs provides comfort, warmth & balance as they help to soothe, restore, sustain and reassure you. You can feel the strength of self-reliance and stamina when you surround yourself with the enduring scent of Herbs.

Spice - fortify and strengthen your Blood and Bones

When you need to feel Safe, Reassured & Encouraged

Spices provide us with new opportunities to grow. They expand our capacity to digest new information, ideas and see things from new perspectives, so that our choices hold unlimited potentials.

Shampoo Bars

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  • Environmentally friendly hair care

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