Margo Fletcher

Aroma Therapist - Reiki Facilitator - Grief Companion

Margo Fletcher is the founder and facilitator of the A Scented Space program. A unique model of care created to support those experiencing grief and loss, A Scented Space links the pleasing scent of plants to a relaxed state of being through guided meditation and compassionate touch. A 20 year Hospice volunteer, Margo provided this program for her local Community Hospice Society with a team of other Hospice volunteers that she has personally trained to co-facilitate this program with her. Margo's wish is to help soften and soothe the journey of your bereavement and grief transformation by acquainting you with the power scented plants have in easing your pain. In understanding the power your sense of smell has to bring tranquility to your inner landscape, you are better equipped to navigate your grief and loss.

Margo Fletcher


A Message from Margo

I am so delighted that you are here

A Scented Space

A Calming and Supportive Experience For all Grief and Loss

The pain of grief and loss is something we will all experience at some point in our lives. Whether it is the loss of a family member, a pet, our homes or our jobs, the feelings of grief can be all consuming and we may not know where to begin to help ourselves.  

This A Scented Space program has been developed for you, to help you understand and experience the power and influence that your sense of smell has to quickly and easily help you through your pain. 

Just imagine, you have this practical and inconspicuous tool of support with you everywhere you go, and it provides you with the empowering ability to ease your feelings of anxiety and uncertainty whenever you need it.  

Over the years, I have mourned the loss of family members and one of the ways I always find the support to ease my pain is through my connection to the scent of plants.  When I am feeling unsettled and vulnerable, I carry a handy pocket inhaler filled with calming, soothing blends of essential oils that quickly relay messages of safety and security, and I reach for it any time I feel the need for support.

In times when I may not have my sniffy stick with me, I know that I can find the aromatic scents that I need to to feel calm from the environment around me...things like coffee, a lemon or the sprig of a cedar tree, can all help to support me along the way. 

I am certain that the scented plants I have chosen for this program will support and empower you too, just as they support and empower me.  As you inhale their exquisite scents, pause for a moment, and allow your heart to hear their wise messages, and you will understand that you are not alone.

Understanding the Physical Effects of Grief

Managing Grief with - Aromatic Anchoring - in A Scented Space

Grief and loss can have a profound effect on our physical body and overall state of well-being as the stressful state of bereavement can weaken our immune system and make us feel like we have lost control. In fact, it is very common for a person to become ill with a cold, flu, bronchitis, or even pneumonia between 6 months to a year after suffering the loss of a loved one.  

The good news is, when we understand what is happening, we have the ability to manage and change this dynamic just by engaging our sense of smell.

By inhaling the fragrant molecules found in plants, (whether the fragrance we inhale is directly from the plant or the essential oils collected from that plant), we provide ourselves with a unique opportunity to consciously change our physiology. 

Through the responses evoked by our sense of smell, we are able to enter a calm and balanced state of being and thus we can counter-balance, soften and change the impacts that stress can manifest and express in our bodies. 

The longer we enter and can stay in a relaxed state, the easier it will be for us to adapt and cope with stressful situations. 

Being in a calm, relaxed, safe, and supported - state of being -  while inhaling a specific pleasing smell, gives us a point of reference so that we can quickly and easily access this relaxed state of being simply by smelling this same specific scent again.  Making this connection is referred to as - Aromatic Anchoring, - and this connection deepens even further when our scented experiences take place in a calming, nurturing, and - sensory environment.

The A Scented Space program encourages you to create a home-based sanctuary for yourself...a safe and soothing space where you can always find comfort, peace and solace. Choosing special items to have in your space such as warm blankets, soft pillows, relaxing music and a soothing cup of tea, can bring you relief and tranquility. Spending time there can become a ritual or practice that offers you sensations of safety and comfort and empowers you in making advances towards nurturing and nourishing yourself.

It is here - in your own sacred, scented space - that you engage all of your senses and you are able to surrender your fears to find the strength and courage to pursue the journey ahead.

A Scented Space Is: 

Found in the air and world around us - it lives in the forests and floats on ocean breezes.

Contained within the safe, solid walls of our own homes.

Conveyed by our own unique scent and the fragrances we wear.

Held within the deep feelings and memories we connect to for comfort and safety, and evoked by all of the above spaces.

Embracing the Unknown in Grief

An interview with Sara A'ryana

A Scented Space

Program Options

The A Scented Space Program is comprised of 4 sessions held weekly. 

Each week we will embrace one of four different scented categories, take an imaginative walk in nature through a guided meditation and experience the feelings of comfort flow through our bodies with the energy of a calming touch. This model of care - linking a good smell to a good feeling - is called Aromatic Anchoring and will support you in feeling relaxed and centered on your grief journey.   This process will provide you with ongoing support - anytime you need it - through a deep connection to the scented world.

Online, Group or Private - $213  (includes 4 custom-scented pocket inhalers)

The virtual online program is perfect for those individuals who like to experience their support from the comfort of their own homes. The sessions are held over a link to the Zoom platform and are offered both in a group setting or in a more private, one-to-one experience.   Pre-registration is required.

In-Person, Group - $257 (includes 4 custom-scented pocket inhalers)

There is a wonderful feeling of unity and support that occurs when we gather together ~ this feeling is even greater when the ones we meet with understand our pain.

This in-person group session is perfect for those individuals who like the support of working with others. It is also for families or groups (co-workers) who would like to work on healing their grief together. This in-person group session is held at the A Scented Space location in Nanaimo and is limited to 6 participants.  Pre-registration is required.

In-Person, Private - $333 (includes 4 custom-scented pocket inhalers) 

This is a time for deep relaxation as your in-person, private experience takes place on a massage table and is accompanied by 30 minutes of soothing Reiki touch. The integration of energetic touch to the Scented Space blends takes the Aromatic Anchoring process to a deeper level of support. This in-person, private session takes place at the A Scented Space location in Nanaimo.  Pre-registration is required.

If you are interested in booking an A Scented Space session or if you have any questions regarding your grief, please contact me.

Margo Fletcher

1713 Boundary Ave, Nanaimo B.C.

250-713-7760 / [email protected]

All pricing is in Canadian dollars (CAN)

A Scented Space Facilitator Training

Bereavement and End-of-Life Support Program

Become certified to provide this specialized model of care to those experiencing the tender time of grief and loss.   Companioning others through their grief journey is a privilege and requires the sensitivity and care of those who are in supportive roles.  It will be your compassion and the companioning skills you innately hold within you, along with what you will learn through this training, that will help you guide your clients in making the connections between what they are smelling and the support they are receiving.

This training has two parts:  Bereavement Support and End-of-Life Care.  In this training, you will learn:

Bereavement Support:

  • How our cultural beliefs can shape how we grieve and mourn.
  • How emotions of grief are expressed at different times or stages. 
  • How to companion someone who is grieving.
  • How grief affects our Autonomic Nervous System and compromises our physiology.
  • How we are connected to plants and how the scented molecules they produce support us.
  • How our sense of smell keeps us safe.
  • How our sense of touch calms, soothes and supports our Central Nervous System.
  • How the sound of an audio meditation can take us on a relaxing, visual journey. 
  • How we can create a tactile environment that nourishes our entire state of being.

End-of-Life Care:

  • How the sense of touch may differ at end-of-life.
  • How the sense of hearing and smell is heightened at end-of-life.
  • How your connection to the oils is an important and relevant factor in providing support for those at end-of-life.
  • How to vary the application of the essential oils as the person transitions.
  • How to choose the appropriate essential oil for the person at end-of-life.

The end-of-life care training for the A Scented Space program addresses the very individualized needs of the dying and those supporting them.  In this section of the training, you will learn not only how to support those transitioning, but also the importance of supporting yourself as you do this important work.

This training is provided within a mentoring relationship and is personalized for you. You will learn, in more depth, more about each of the different essential oils and the supportive qualities they bring to not only the dying process, but also to the supporting facilitator.

You will create your own personal blend to help support you in your work and it will be provided in a 5ml bottle, a spray and a portable pocket inhaler for your convenience.   As well, you have the option of purchasing any of the grief essential oils and creating your own A Scented Space Grief Kit (carrying case included).  Ongoing mentorship is available to support you moving forward.

Once you have completed all of the training requirements and have become a licensed member of A Scented Space, you will be able to confidently share the messages contained in the scented plants and support others as they journey through their grief.    Training takes place twice a year and includes the first year's membership fee and 1 pocket inhaler kit.

Upcoming Training Dates:  TBA

To enquire or register, please email [email protected]

Joan Harrison

Hi my name is Joan Harrison. I am an End of Life Doula, a hospice volunteer in the Palliative Care Unit and also an A Scented Space Facilitator for end of life, grief and loss. When working in a volunteer capacity with the team and the bereaved, I found that the use of aromatic oils presented in the A Scented Space program had such a profoundly positive effect for the grieving individual. Finding out a lot more about this specialty became a passion for me and I decided to become a certified facilitator. The use of aromatics strongly influences my Doula work with individuals and families.

Joan Harrison

End of Life Doula / Grief & Bereavement Support

A Scented Space Exploration

A Scented Space Soap & Shampoo Bars

All pricing is in Canadian dollars (CAN)

Are you wondering if this program is for you?

Others have wondered this also and have asked these questions:

  • I have lost my job and feel depressed. Is this grief that I am feeling?

    Yes, the sadness that you are feeling from losing your job is real and it is an expression of your grief. All losses have an impact on our physical and emotional health - the depth and degree of pain we feel depends on the individual, but acknowledging our feelings and taking steps to ease the pain of our grief with the help of the A Scented Space program is a wonderful way to soften and soothe your pain and ultimately deepen your connection and dedication to your overall health and wellness.

  • How do I know if I'm a good fit to become an A Scented Space Facilitator?

    If you feel compassion for those grieving a loss and a desire to companion them by listening and witnessing their journey, then becoming an A Scented Space Facilitator would be a wonderful way to be of service to others in their grief. You do not need to be a Registered Aromatherapist to be a facilitator of the program, as the essential oils themselves will do the work. All that you will need to know is provided in the training.

Margo Fletcher

Essential Oil Therapist/Reiki Facilitator